Best Badminton Racket – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Are you looking for the best badminton rackets?

People who are looking for the best rackets knows how difficult it is to find the correct racket.

If you are serious about learning badminton, then you need the best badminton racket for yourself in order to learn how to play badminton, so that you can keep eye on your competitors.

No matter which sport you are doing, if you are not having the best equipment with yourself, you can never improve your skill nor you can learn anything new about that sport.

When we are talking about badminton, other than its other equipment’s such as badminton shoes, wrist bands etc. the most important thing in this sport is your badminton racket and it has to be perfect one.

When you will have best badminton rackets in your hand then it will make sure you play well, better, shot with precision and improve your skill.

In this article you will find out the top 19 best badminton rackets available in the market, and I will explain each and every one in deep.

19 Best Badminton Rackets Reviews

Take your time to go through our list of the best badminton rackets I will be happy to hear back from you people how our pick work for you. Since every player has its own style of paying badminton, therefore I have put multiple options so that you can find the right match for yourself according to your playing needs.

1. Yonex Arcsaber 10 ( yonex badminton Racquet )

yonex badminton Racquet



Yonex is among the top brands when it comes to badminton rackets. The Arcsaber 10 has some cool graphics embedded on its body with super strong feel. This racket feel very comfortable out of the box. It body is slightly twisted which make maximum precision when you take the shot.

It also comes with a built-in T pieces which adds an extra layer of strength to this racket. Badminton is all about balancing and balance matter during the game, this Arcsaber is of no exception to it. This amazing racket is simply amazing and has very durable shaft which is made to last longer and to with stand the harshness of the game.

Having this racket hitting the shuttle is very easy and the lightweight feel of the racket helps you to aim perfectly every time. You love the crisp and true crisps and therefore the delight it adds to your game.

For those hard moments, this racket respond swiftly whether you are attacking or defending. Badminton is all about speed and Arcsaber 10 give you the speed which you are looking for.

It has an exclusive cup-stack nanotube which has increased durability and flexibility of this racquet. The super High Modulus Graphite helps to produce a strong repulsion power. Its hybrid frame in combo with nanotube help you in hitting the shuttle very hard.

There are a lot more features this best badminton racket have which you can find out on amazon. But the overall conclusion is that Yonex Arcsaber 10 has very solid and comfortable feel and is probably the racket the beginner needs. This racket can be also called as the best badminton racket for beginners. It has top-notch material and is reasonable in price.

  • Super high modulus Graphite.
  • Have ultra pef shaft for durability and flexibility.
  • It comes pre-strung right out of the box.
  • With your purchase you will get Legend’s Vision Case.

  • Best for all players but slightly expensive.

2. Yonex Voltric 2017 New ( badminton Racquet )

badminton Racquet



This new voltric 2017 version gives you the speed, power and control which a badminton player always look for in a badminton racket. Yonex Voltric 2017 is a blend of Arcsaber, Armortec technology helps to perform better. This racket is also affordable in price.

In this model, Yonex has used advanced technology which allows to play powerful shots with brilliant maneuverability and maximum control. This racket features Tri-Voltage system which is a great blend of both power and agility and give more speed and stiffness to your new racket. Its string bed allows you to hold shuttle for long and make your shot more powerful and accurate.

When it comes to speed and swing its unique aerodynamic design which allows you to cut through air nicely and give an edge over your competitors.  It is embedded with highest levels and blend of great technology.

This best badminton rackets has large head area which make it easy for you to handle, control and add maximum power in your every shot. This racket has new reinforced supported cap which gives it a wider surface area.

Its tri-voltage system and built-in T-joints reduces torque and gives more control and precision in every shot. All the features that this racket deliver you with the professional badminton racket at a very affordable price.

In the end, in the very aspect of the game this racket clears, smashes and drive nicely. This racket has very nice and good grip which simply cannot go wrong with this racket in your hand. This best badminton rackets is very fast, powerful, affordable and solid. This racket can be used by any either beginner or pro level player.

  • Come pre-strung with the Yonex BG80
  • Can be used by all skill levels.
  • It Tri-voltage system helps to increase its handling and power.
  • This racket is lightweight and durable at the same time just because of Graphite and tungsten blend shaft.

  • Poor string quality. A couple of clients revealed broken string following a few months

3. Yonex Arcsaber 11 ( yonex badminton racket )

yonex badminton racket



We’ve just observed the Arcsaber 10, well, here is the Arcsaber 11 with further developed innovation, power and adaptability. It is a 3U weight 84-89 g with a G4 hold size and an equalization of 305 mm which is ideal for all. It has got weight in the head which permits ground-breaking and exact hitting.

In spite of the fact that Yonex haven’t worked a ton on the designs, they are essentially a similar like 10 yet has some splendid red paint with neon-like white and yellow hues. While the racquet feels better and agreeable to hold and play with, it has a fundamentally the same as feel to that of Arcsaber 10.

The organization has likewise included a “Sonic metal” in its mind and made it observably more slender with a solid shaft. Its plant hung strings have a higher strain which is really incredible. Try not to stress over the danger of the strings breaking separated.

At the point when you’ll swing it for clears, it gives a flex feel on the head and feels extremely incredible. It has an ideal equalization and has insignificant torsion which makes it ideal both for forceful and cautious play during the game. You’ll be pleased with its capacity from the reasonable.

Generally, Arcsaber 11 is an incredible racquet and is a decent all-rounder which vows to convey a high level of intensity, equalization and deftness on the badminton court. In addition, the popular player Taufik Hidyat is likewise utilizing this racquet and one of its extraordinary release has been named after him.

  • Made for the propelled badminton player for more noteworthy degree of control
  • Improves your speed and capacity to hit
  • Flawless equalization and strength
  • High modulus graphite with CS Carbon nanotube and super HMG sonic metal for greatest sturdiness

  • A couple of clients announced that the racquet came unstrung

4. Yonex Arcsaber Z Slash ( best badminton racket for intermediate players)

best badminton racket for intermediate players



In the event that you are a forceful player in the court, the Z Slash is made for you. It accompanies each element that an aggressor needs. It has a quick, exact and ground-breaking execution with huge power that moves speed into each shot.

Its structure is the thing that enlightens us regarding its presentation. Just from its looks you can tell that it is an incredible and current style racquet with a decent mixes of shades. The heavier head keeps up its equalization as well as guarantees that it conveys the ability to the van.

The CS Carbon Nanotube offers a brilliant aversion. It is a front line bit of innovation implanted in this racket and causes you to hold the bus longer for more accuracy and power.

In addition, its very high modulus graphite in its side accompanies more repugnance control and each assailant requests it. Its ultra-hardened shaft makes your shots increasingly exact, because of the Ultra PEF which assists include with controlling and most extreme precision. It additionally adds stun retaining characteristics to your racquet.

The implicit T-joint disposes of torque. This t-joint is really solid and profoundly tough and enables the player to deal with each shot with prevalent exactness. At last, it has control bolster contact which gives it an extraordinary mobility and the amplified sweet spot for auspicious hitting the bus. Generally speaking, it serves, drives, crushes and clears the bus consummately.

  • Extraordinary power that makes it an incredible choice for the forceful players
  • Exceptional control which gives you an extremely strong and agreeable feel when playing in the badminton court
  • Its magnificent streamlined plan gives additional space for quick and more noteworthy mobility
  • Reasonable cost

  • In the event that you are a cautious player, this racquet isn’t for you
  • Made for the propelled level players. In the event that you are simply beginning, search for different choices

5. Yonex Voltric 7 ( best badminton racket for doubles )

best badminton racket for doubles



Voltric 7 is known as Yonex’s perhaps the best racquet ever. Regardless of whether you are a tenderfoot, transitional or a propelled player, this racket is an ideal counterpart for you to give your best execution in the court.

It has a decent mix of weight and power for a crispier vibe and better control. Its fundamental edge is made out of H.M. graphite and tungsten and an extremely lightweight feel, weighing just 83 grams without settling on the nature of its body. Its edge is somewhat more slender too however that is just to diminish the weight. Try not to stress, it is sturdy as damnation.

While it feels lightweight, you’ll likewise encounter the medium flex out it gives when playing in the court. This enables you to easily swing the racquet and hitting the bus with enough power for an incredible crush towards your rival.

The most recent isometric innovation fused in Yonex gives the head an isometric shape. It implies that the primary and cross strings have a similar length and the sweet spot is 30% bigger when contrasted with standard racquets.

It additionally accompanies Tri Voltage framework which makes the highest point of its edge incredibly hardened and permits delayed contact with the van for progressively exact shot. You’ll likewise see the sides of the casing to be meager which lessens its weight as well as gives it an extraordinary equalization and in this way permitting to crush the bus with more noteworthy power and precision.

  • Comes pre hung at gauges light
  • Feels great which gives an ideal mix of parity and power
  • Medium flex
  • Strong H.M. graphite and tungsten outline for life span
  • Comes in two distinctive shading alternatives
  • Moderate alternative
  • Made for tenderfoots, intermediates and propelled players

  • String quality isn’t great. You may need to get it hung following a couple of months

6. Yonex Voltric Z Force 2 ( badminton racket yonex )

badminton racket yonex



The Voltric Z Force 2 was propelled in 2014 and it has been well known. It is additionally utilized by World’s top player Lee Chong Wei. It has a plain dark shading with some blue decals giving it an extraordinary look. The racquet looks extraordinary and accompanies some gaudy illustrations and hues. The past adaptation was plain and basic.

In spite of the fact that its head is marginally heavier however is littler too. This gives you an extraordinary equalization and power mix. The more slender shaft not just makes it lightweight, it additionally wipes out the streamlined shock. In addition, the tungsten grommet strips add more to its sturdiness and control.

With regards to its exhibition in the court, its overwhelming head assumes a huge job. You’ll additionally get a selective Voltric racket spread for nothing to store and convey the racquet securely anyplace you need. In spite of the tungsten grommet strips, I for one think it as a disadvantage since this will include extra cost in hanging.

It performs at a particularly unique level in the court. It has a little higher sweet spot which enables you to effortlessly modify the racket as you need. Its more slender shaft is entirely perceptible and accompanies streamlined head work which works flawlessly together for an agreeable vibe.

When you get the racquet, you’ll get a moment feel of an amazing edge close by. In the game, it gives solid clears with controlled and exact hitting off the middle.

  • The most slender and most sturdy shaft any racquet could have
  • Improved tri-voltage framework which expands crush vitality
  • Additional solid for most extreme sturdiness
  • Cool illustrations and neon shading on the casing which gives it a decent look

  • The additional solidness in the casing can make the racquet break early

7. Yonex Voltric 80 ( best badminton rackets )

best badminton rackets



Voltric 80 was presented in 2011 at All England Badminton Championships and it has been a genuine victor from that point onward. It has an ideal match of innovation and plan. Your racquet arrives in a full length pack and the edge of the racket has some cool illustrations and a striking red, dark, white and gold shading alternatives.

The new G4 holds utilized is little however feels truly good to play. Yonex have likewise consolidated the slender edge of their Nanospeed 9900 and streamlined characteristics of Z slah in the new Voltric 80. Besides, the additional load on the head guarantees parity and power in the court. In spite of the fact that it isn’t as substantial as AT700 yet feels extraordinary to use in the court.

It has a flimsy yet a hardened shaft which is somewhat longer when contrasted with the standard racquets and is fundamentally the same as Z slice. The additional 1 cm option in the length gives you a superior sweet spot. The casing is really overhauled and performs quicker in the court. This assists with those amazing shots.

Moreover, the string pressure is additionally incredible and enables you to begin playing with it right out of the container. On the off chance that you lean toward progressively pressure, you can physically modify the strings. I would prescribe not expanding the pressure an excessive amount of else they may break too soon.

By and large, with the Yonex Voltric 80 close by, you’ll feel progressively like a forceful player. It creates a sharp and incredible sound each time you hit the bus and the enormous sweet spot ensures higher achievement rate and better control.

  • Go relentless on those crushes and ground-breaking shots
  • Better control with a progressively strong and stable edge
  • Incredible mobility

  • Just for middle of the road and propelled players
  • Your wrists may get worn out

8. Yonex Voltric 5 ( best badminton Racquet )

best badminton Racquet



The majority of the Yonext racquets are known for their speed, power and control and the Voltric 5 is one of them. It is one of the top-positioned Yonex rackets and not at all like the Voltric 80 and 70, it is essentially reasonable.

It has a truly noteworthy structure with dark body and yellow tones which includes some engaging quality. Indeed, even at a lower sticker price, Yonex has figured out how to furnish the Voltric 5 with all the vital innovation which guarantees amazing shots, incredible control and mobility.

This racket highlights tri-voltage framework with an ideal mix of intensity and spryness, enabling you to move quick and hit hard simultaneously. For increasingly precise and incredible shots, its upset string bed enables you to hold the bus for long when contrasted with standard rackets.

Execution savvy, it slices well through the air and gives you an edge over your rivals with regards to speed and swing.

You’ll additionally cherish the new help top which gives a more extensive surface and makes it simpler for you to deal with the racket.

Serving is quite simple and doesn’t expect you to put a great deal of solidarity. Due to heavier head, you basically can’t turn out badly with crushing the bus.

With regards to clears, you basically can’t turn out badly with this racket. Its substantial head guarantees that you hit each shot with most extreme precision. It really does a truly astonishing activity with clears. With less exertion and an inconceivable innovation rich racquet close by, you’ll have the option to perform at your best.

  • Extraordinary execution with incredible taking care of highlights
  • Astounding force at an entirely moderate value, making it an incredible choice for the aggressors
  • Tri-voltage framework inserted for better readiness and speed in the court
  • Sturdy and stable

  • Made for apprentices and intermediates

9. Yonex Arcsaber 002(best badminton Racquet)

best badminton Racquet



Arcsaber 002 has been Yonex’s best ever racquets. It arrives in an exceptionally decent and convenient three quarter racket pack and permits your new racket anyplace you need. The body has pleasant and cool designs which are hued white, red and dull red. It gives an even parity and feels great close by.

The lightweight profile of it not just makes it simpler to swing or crush, it likewise keeps up parity and dependability during the game. It comes manufacturing plant hung and you won’t need to modify the hanging since Yonex is as of now hanging their new models truly tight. The greatest pressure it has is 24 lbs. which is essentially great.

There is a touch of flex too in its plan and you can feel it the minute you swing your racquet. This flex in shaft makes you hit the van pleasant and hard. Additionally, the torque has been decreased, on account of the implicit T pieces which makes it conceivable. Frankly, all of Yonex racquet have this component. This forestalls those turns when you go for askew hits, causing the van out of the court. Numerous players have likewise revealed wounds along these lines.

In spite of the fact that its head isn’t streamlined when contrasted with different models, you may feel a touch of opposition or drag as you swing it. Be that as it may, this won’t influence your exhibition by any stretch of the imagination.

In general, it is a quite pleasant racket that does a great activity in the court and comes at an entirely reasonable sticker price.

  • Nanoair spring innovation for better control, precision and power
  • Medium flex shaft for a decent and agreeable feel
  • 4U with a G4 hold
  • Strong graphite shaft made to last more

  • No streamlined head which results in a slight opposition or drag

10. Yonex Nanospeed 9900

best badminton Racquet



In the event that you are searching for an amazing rate with your new racket, go for the Nanospeed 9900. It encourages you with those overly energetic and deadly swings and crush the bus for the success. It has an extraordinary mobility and is probably the best Badminton Rackets available. The racquet is an ideal mix of intensity, unrivaled speed and guard.

The main involvement with this racket is stunning. It joins front line innovation and has been built for prevalent execution. It has an extraordinary plan with a full dark body with red, white and orange stripes which give it an appealing look.

With more aversion power and better dependability, because of the X-fullerene in it pitch, it expands restricting powers and furthermore increment its solidness by 15% and shock control by 5%.

The solid bond between its carbon nanoparticles and fullere accomplish by Yonex makes it super-quick, solid and lightweight. In contrast to different rackets, it has both a Box Frame and Aero Frame and this combo brings about a smoother, quicker and amazing hitting.

It likewise accompanies another T-joint that offers predominant exactness and builds the soundness of the van on each shot. Yonex has likewise joined better grasping with control bolster top. It likewise improves its mobility and makes striking the bus simple and easy.

In contrast to the trembling rackets, you won’t need to stress with the Nanospeed 9900 close by. It has an astounding stun retaining characteristics and better dependability and feels strong close by.

  • This racquet is quick. Its heavier head brings about precise shots
  • Expanded power and mobility for better execution in the badminton court
  • Prevalent resistance, making it ideal for the guarded players

  • This is made for the propelled players. On the off chance that you are an apprentice, search for different alternatives

11. Yonex Duora

best badminton Racquet



The Duora 10 accompanies extraordinary power and speed. This makes it ideal for the assaulting players. It includes legitimate control and mobility in each shot. It has a cutting edge structure and the full dark body with green and orange stripes in its pole and edge adds more to its stylistic theme. The logo on the body likewise looks extraordinary.

Yonex has included double ideal framework, enabling you to hit the bus hard and furthermore slice quicker through the air. To make it straightforward for you, the forehand will be your wellspring of intensity while strike is the embodiment of speed and optimal design which upgrades its presentation.

This double ideal framework hits more earnestly with the forehand while more speed with your strike. This makes it flawless for the assailants as well as for the protectors too. The new grommet design with more grommet openings improves your presentation in the court.

Like Arcsaber 002, it likewise includes Aerodynamic and Box Frame innovation for hitting quicker swings easily. In addition, its strong center lessens the torque, giving you more control when playing. Its casing is likewise planned utilizing isometric shape and avoids missing any of your shots. This builds your prosperity rate and enables you to hit off kilter shots also.

The casing is worked with such an astounding innovation; you can really feel the distinction on the two sides of the casing. Additionally, the Nanometric DR innovation builds its repugnance speed by 9% and transport hold by 3% on the string bed.

  • Exceptional power for good transport crushes
  • Ideal mix of innovation for best playing background
  • Streamlined plan which lessens shock and drag when clearing through the air
  • Made both for the assailants and protectors

  • With cutting edge innovation utilized, this racquet is pricey

12. Yonex Nanoray 900

best badminton Racquet



Nanoray 900 is an improved variant of the Nanospeed 9900 and its brilliant exhibition and mobility. The heavier head merits referencing here which moves more power into your crushes, bringing about more grounded shots without yielding the nature of the racket’s body.

It is outfitted with some astounding innovation and does an extremely extraordinary activity in the badminton court. Style savvy, it highlights dark tones with multicolor stripes that gives its designs a cool look.

Its casing is a progressive development which enables you to crush the van more than ever. It conveys ground-breaking and soak calculated crushes towards you rival, giving them no opportunity to square or crush it back towards you. Likewise, the new and upgraded structure, while giving more power, expands the point extend also.

While you play forcefully, this best badminton rackets additionally enables you to guard those hazardous drop cut crushes from the rivals. Additionally, the augmented sweet spot makes the van turn more when contrasted with customary rackets.

Like the 9900 is additionally includes another grommet design with all the more hanging gaps for a superior presentation and incredible power in the badminton court. You’ll likewise adore its streamlined edge which lessens the air haul as well as results in quicker swings. Its isometric edge makes those shots land effectively at the objective region.

At long last, its bleeding edge shaft is an unquestionable requirement notice here. This is the slimmest yet the most sturdy shaft you’ll ever encounter. This makes it lightweight and permits to make those crushes easily without giving up on its quality.

  • An ideal mix of intensity and accuracy. You basically can’t turn out badly on those crushes
  • Energetic execution with better mobility
  • Make the best crushes ever.
  • Better power, speed and more scope of point

  • Somewhat costly
  • Not made for fledglings

13. Yonex Arcsaber 001 (best badminton Racquets)

best badminton Racquet



On the off chance that you are searching for a passage level best badminton rackets, Arcsaber 001 is for you. It is a great decision for the novices and intermediates. With an ideal equalization and an adaptable shaft, you can crush the van with prevalent precision and more power. It is additionally simple to modify and accompanies an amicable ¾ spread to bear it.

It is a strong racket and is extraordinary for recreational badminton players. The flex in its pole makes it one of a kind. It really twists when you crush the van hard, offering you more opportunity to hit it back to your rival.

Additionally, when crushing, it makes a pleasant whip impact and makes each stroke travel further. The edge has an isometric shape with a huge sweet spot. This enables you to hit the bus superbly and land the bus at the correct recognize unfailingly.

Arcsaber 001 is at present accessible in two hues, blue and red with some pleasant stripes on its edge for some cool looking feel. Its pole is produced using graphite that won’ break effectively. In contrast to a large portion of the customary rackets, this pole is in reality solid and the flex keeps it from disfiguring.

This racket is sensibly estimated and won’t upset your financial limit. In the event that you are a recreational badminton player, at that point this is an absolute necessity go for you.

Generally speaking, it performs well in the court, has a tough plan, cool style and two excellent shades. You’ll show signs of improvement with those serves and improve clears. Additionally, the flex in the pole keeps it from breaking or misshaping.

  • Sturdy plan
  • Numerous shading alternatives
  • Graphite shaft with flex
  • Reasonable alternative and ideal for the learner players

  • Not for the propelled players
  • Just for recreational use and not for expert level playing

14. Yonex Nanoray Z Speed

best badminton Racquet



In the event that you are a cautious player, the Yonex Nanoray Z Speed is made for you. Despite the fact that it is costly yet it merits the cash contributed. It will assist you with taking your exhibition to the following level. It’ll in a flash catch your eye with its cool feel. The decent mix of dark and red in the edge with red tones makes it much increasingly excellent.

It gives a quicker, smoother and increasingly happy with swing and is built to create a 10% quicker swing when contrasted with ordinary racquets.

For more aversion control and an unfathomable soundness, this best badminton racquet is furnished with X-Fullerene innovation that improves its repugnance. Besides, it is developed with Sonic Metal which not just gives it that whip sound when you crush yet in addition makes it strong and improves snap back impact, bringing about increasingly exact and ground-breaking shots.

Yonex has made the casing of Nanoray Z Speed the most dominant and versatile ever. The casing is more slender with an enormous sweet spot made for exactness.

With regards to execution during the game, you’ll love the astounding activity it does with those clears. Its solid graphite shaft will crush more earnestly than any time in recent memory and makes those drives easy and agreeable.

Generally, it is a simple racquet with a genuinely extraordinary presentation with fantastic innovation, all prepared to offer you an amazing knowledge while playing in the court.

  • Guaranteed as the quickest racket on earth
  • Ideal for the protectors and assailants
  • Extraordinary shock

  • Not great with the crushes
  • Just for middle of the road and propelled players and not for the learners

15. Yonex Nanoray 10

best badminton Racquet



Nanoray 10 is among the most mainstream rackets made for the novices and comes at a truly reasonable cost. It arrives in a scope of various hues, while dark and lime green structure being the most sought after.

It has an adaptable shaft with head-light parity. On account of the adaptability in the pole, it gives you a quicker and harder swing for those incredible crushes. This makes it simple to move!

The extraordinary isometric edge come processing plant hung with 19-24 lbs. also, can be balanced according to your playing inclinations. The isometric element gives you a greater sweet spot and expands the exactness in each shot. Regardless of whether you miss the inside shot, it will even now be amazing enough to shake your adversary for protection.

In the event that you are only a learner, this racquet will help improve your aptitudes in the badminton court. While it is sturdy, it is likewise light in weight with a head-light parity, making it simpler for you to move it and react energetically to those crushes from your rival.

  • An incredible racquet for the learner badminton players
  • Amazingly light in weight and won’t tire your wrists
  • Huge sweet spot for expanded exactness

  • Needs control for the forceful players

16. Yonex Nanoray 20

best badminton racket



Nanoray 20 is a mid-level valued racquet with totally different innovation and a reformed plan. It has a front line fullerene incorporated with its edge and shaft, making it quicker, smoother and amazing than at any other time.

The nanotechnology utilized conveys quick dealing with, high shock and exact shots. Its slight shaft diminishes its weight, making it a lightweight choice bringing about exact power over ever shot in the game.

The mix of superior sub-atomic obligation of fullerene and carbon nano-molecule makes the ultra-lightweight experience which conveys greater dependability when contrasted with common racquets.

It likewise includes the new grommet framework with more grommet gaps in the string bed for superior string and expanding its strength by 7%.

Generally speaking, it is a decent and reasonable alternative for a wide range of badminton players. It has a worked in T-joint to take out torque and has the flex in the pole for included strength.

  • Adaptable and sturdy
  • Graphite composite which feels cold in the late spring and warm in the winter
  • Nanotechnology for a superior encounter
  • Improved grasp for better dealing with and strength

  • Inadequately pressed when transported
  • No integral pack included

17. Yonex Voltric Lite

best badminton racket



Voltric Lite is an ideal mix of intensity and control. This makes it an extraordinary choice both for the assailants and protective players. Be that as it may, it is just for the middle of the road and propelled players.

It utilizes selective tri-voltage framework, giving both of you crease benefits. In view of its overwhelming setups you’ll improve as an assailant while with less air obstruction, will build the speed of dealing with it, enabling you to protect better and react energetically.

The tungsten and graphite material utilized for its development makes it tough as well as results in great aversion, firmness and quality for a definitive playing background.

It additionally includes two magnificent shading alternatives to look over and has multicolor stripes on the casing for some cool realistic impact and by and large decent feel.

Due to its heavier head, you’ll get enormous power on those crushes and increase more energy. In spite of the fact that there is not so much flex but rather more of solidness, I for one consider it an or more point. As a result of firm material, you’ll show signs of improvement power and control on your shots and furthermore improve your game with time.

At long last, its tri-voltage framework likewise assists with fast dealing with by lessening the shock and air drag and giving you a progressively streamlined shape side at the edge’ head.

  • Better control, expedient taking care of and extraordinary quality
  • Solid sounding
  • Solid and hardened development made to last more
  • Hey flex yet more solidness
  • Lightweight for equalization and solidness

  • Costly
  • Just for transitional and propelled level players

18. Yonex Voltric Glan Z

best badminton racket



Voltric Glan Z is one of the Yonex’s unrivaled rackets and is known for its substantial head that outcomes in enormous power in each shot. In spite of the fact that the solidness in its pole is medium yet this makes it simpler for you to play with it.

It encourages you accomplish long separations easily and give you adversaries extreme time taking care of your incredible crushes.

Since its pole is flimsy and the head includes a streamlined shape, this permits most extreme vitality move to the bus and furthermore diminishes air drag. In addition, the Tungsten mixed grommets builds the agreement time among transport and string while the tri-voltage framework gives the edge flex in a controlled manner.

The streamlined casing limits air opposition or drag, and this delivers a ultra-smooth shot with a smooth swing.

It additionally makes a solid and ground-breaking sound which is made on sway. This makes it an ideal racquet for the forceful players and makes hitting progressively agreeable.

By and large, it is a decent and tough racquet with inherent T-joint which is formed profound into the layers of graphite, interfacing the casing with its pole.

  • Made for all ability level players
  • Adaptable shaft for a smooth swing
  • Isometric shape for most extreme toughness
  • Overwhelming head for a ground-breaking shot

  • Less solidness in the pole

19. Yonex Arcsaber Lite

best badminton racket



Arcsaber Lite is a section level badminton racket and is a great decision for the novice and moderate players.

It has an even offset and dependability with a medium solid shaft offering you an inside and out play.

The Nanoair Spring innovation utilized in its plan furnishes you with predominant control, exactness and control and is exceptionally simple to modify and play with.

The remarkable control bolster top of this racquet offers you 85% more extensive and compliment surface when contrasted with typical rackets and this makes moving and crushing truly agreeable.

Its inherent T-joint incorporated with its hardened and adaptable graphite shaft offers you a definitive encounter of playing badminton.

By and large, it is an incredible player for fledglings and intermediates and feels great extremely lightweight in hands.

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Nanoair rises in carbon filaments for flex and vitality move
  • Control bolster top for ground-breaking shots and better taking care of
  • T-join which takes out torque as you swing

  • Not intended for cutting edge/genuine players.
  • Grasping needs improvement

The most effective method to Choose the Best Badminton Rackets for You

You likely expertise significant it is to pick the correct racket. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to do it, at that point don’t stress, since this guide will clarify you how.

Here’s a notice: Never pick a racquet in light of the fact that your preferred top badminton player utilizes it. For instance, picking the Arcsaber 10 since it’s expected by numerous expert players or prescribed by US badminton magazines in 2015 and 2016, would be a misstep. Since you have to pick a racket that works for YOU.

The primary inquiry you have to pose to yourself is the thing that you like: Control or power.

Having the two things in a similar measure is unimaginable, in spite of the fact that, you can have what is known as a balanced racket, which gives a decent harmony between the two components.

Is it true that you are an all out learner?

On the off chance that you are simply beginning, at that point it doesn’t bode well to pick a decided style on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea what your capacities are yet.

That is the reason it’s smarter to begin with a minimal effort and tenderfoot well disposed racket like the Yonex Nanoray 10 or Nanoray 20. They are entirely moderate and balanced, in this way, they are an extraordinary method to begin and discover what your style is.

The 4 Factors to Take into Account

There are four basic variables to consider at the hour of picking your very own racket:

  • Balance point
  • Weight
  • Frame shape
  • Shaft firmness

The Balance Point:

It’s basic relying upon your style.

In the event that you need more power, at that point the equalization purpose of the racquet should lean towards the head.

On the off chance that you need more control, at that point the equalization point should lean towards handle.

On the off chance that you had a Voltric 80 and placed your finger in the focal point of the pole, at that point it would lean towards the head.

Yet, suppose you are a fledgling who has purchased the Nanoray 10 and you have discovered that you favor control over control. At that point, rather than purchasing another racket, you could do the accompanying:

  1. Purchase a decent light badminton grasp
  2. Enclose it by the leader of your racket

Accordingly you will get a heavier head and thus more power.

Yet, what occurs in the event that you lean toward command over power? At that point you can utilize this stunt: add more weight to the handle. There are numerous ways by which you can do this:

  1. Change the hanging of your racket for a lighter one
  2. Wrap an overwhelming badminton hold in the handle
  3. Wrap 2-3 light badminton grasps in the handle

Along these lines you can adjust things as per your very own inclination.

The Weight Factor:

The weight assumes a significant job.

Rackets come in various weight classes:

  • 2U: 90-94 grams
  • 3U: 85-89 grams
  • 4U: 80-84 grams
  • 5U: 75-79 grams

The heavier your racquet the more power it will convey.

For instance, the Voltric 80 comes in two forms: The 3U and the 4U. Be that as it may, you could make it heavier by following the tips given in a critical position point segment. The 3U is increasingly reasonable for singles while the 4U, which is lighter, performs better in copies.

The impediment of overwhelming rackets is that it’s a lot harder to control. You are essentially giving up control for control, and except if you are extremely talented, this can be an issue.

The Shape of the Frame:

It’s essential to pick the correct state of the edge. The market offers both of you choices: The customary oval shape and the isometric edges.

There are key contrast among each, and we will audit them here. However, what you cannot deny is that the distinction lives in the sweet spot.

Oval Shape:

This customary shape has a trickier sweet spot, however in the event that you figure out how to make the bus arrive on it, at that point you will get a superb quality shot.

Subsequently, so as to make the most out of the oval shape, you should be exceptionally talented so you can score a high achievement rate finding the bus in the sweet spot.

Isometric or Square Shape:

In contrast with the oval shape, it has a higher achievement rate finding the bus in the sweet spot. An extraordinary case of this is the Voltric 1DG, which has a great isometric casing shape and a phenomenal strain, which makes it simpler for you to accomplish top notch shots.

Because of this trademark numerous rackets in the market pick utilizing a square casing shape, while the oval shape is getting less mainstream.

In this way, as we would like to think particularly in the event that you are an apprentice, you ought to go for a racket that uses an isometric edge shape. In addition, oval shape rackets are more diligently to discover nowadays.

The Shaft: Flexible or Stiff?

There are key contrasts between one another. Every single one of them has its own favorable circumstances and inconveniences, yet stress not, on the grounds that here you will discover the appropriate responses you are searching for.

The Stiff Shaft:

It has less shock, which should be repaid with all the more dominant swings.

It’s not prescribed for tenderfoots, thusly, it’s more qualified to cutting edge and middle of the road level players


Since a tenderfoot will center to producing more quality while relinquishing strategy. In the event that you are attempting to get further developed aptitudes, at that point this might be a decent alternative for you.

It’s a lot quicker than an adaptable shaft racket. In spite of the fact that, the power yield will be lesser. In the event that you need quick assaults and answers, at that point this is an ideal decision for you. It enables you to restore the bus a lot quicker, which can present to you an edge over your rivals.

The bus position is first rate. In the event that you need absolute exactness with the position of the shuttlecock, at that point this pole will bring you so.

The Flexible Shaft:

It’s phenomenal for amateurs, as you don’t need to focus more than required on creating enough power, so you can concentrate on the system.

The shock is eminently superior to a firm shaft, this enables you to convey quite great clears absent a lot of exertion.

A drawback is that the shuttlecock arrangement will endure as far as exactness. It’s for the most part because of the shock, which makes it harder to convey impeccable positions.

They are likewise more slow than solid shaft racquets. This can be an issue for some, since it lessens the speed of your answers and assaults.

As you don’t need to create a lot of capacity to convey incredible shots, it won’t tire your wrists as much as a firm shaft.

At last, it’s a decent pick for protective style players. As you don’t need to swing extremely hard, it enables you to concentrate more on cautious shots and your methodology all in all.


Consider our tips when picking your best badminton racket. On the off chance that you consider these components and tips, at that point you will get the ideal counterpart for you and arrive at level like top badminton players.

We have explored the best badminton rackets on the planet. You have a choice which superbly fits each kind of player. Additionally, you likewise have a guide which will assist you with choosing the ideal match.

Make sure to take as much time as necessary, in light of the fact that choosing your racquet is significant. You would prefer not to squander your cash in something that doesn’t accompanies the highlights you are searching for.

Accordingly, pursue our guide, check our best badminton shoes and choose which choice suits you the best. That is all you have to get a racket that will make you a superior player.

We trust you making the most of our guide and audits!

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