Parkour is one of the sports of exacting standards these days. Military obstacle course has developed this department for practicing and/or training.This sport causes strains to the entire body and is highly influencing it via stressing.  Verily, the hands cannot be neglected from protecting once the hands of the practitioners endure wear and tear. Of course, the concretion, splintering, and pavement, etc. these are not well-known mechanisms for being easy on hands. Therefore, the first choice of most of the beginners comes out to be Best Parkour Gloves.

But why to choose Best Parkour Gloves? What to look for in Best Parkour Gloves before buying? And what are the best gloves for parkour? These are not the questions to be answered in a breeze. However, let us discuss each section one by one for you!


Some of the qualities of Parkour Gloves making them unbeatable are:

1) Sound Design:

These pair of gloves are designed such to provide strength to the fingertips, also reduce the fingertip’s sensitivity.

2) Breathable:

Sweating of hands provides a feeling of discomfort. They have breathable material build-up at the back protecting against the infections too.

3) Good Grip:

They have non-slippery material build-up on the palm’s and finger’s side thus, preventing your hands from slipping in general and even when your hands get wet with sweat.

4) Secure Wrist Strap:

This characteristic of Parkour gloves will save your hands from sliding around inside the gloves. It is very helpful while climbing and jumping as well.

5) Quality Material:

This material is proved long lasting because of its leather material. Also, double stitching makes them last longer.

6) Size And Color Variety:

Many sizes and colors are available in market perfectly matching your choice and personality.


All the characteristics discussed above should be considered while purchasing a pair of Best Parkour gloves. Some of the additional factors to be taken into account are:


Depending on the sort of climate in which you live, the type of Parkour gloves you want to purchase is greatly affected. Like, while living in cold areas wearing finger-less Parkour gloves could end-up numbing your finger-tips. On the other hand, some people are fond of finger-less gloves, although full- fingered gloves will provide slightly more protection, but again all this comes down to personal choice and preference.


Not all the people have the same size. Some have narrower hands, some may not. There are sizes available in the market for wider hands too which fit them better.


Men’s hands are wider and thicker than women’s comparatively. Thus, for men, in the gloves, extra weight is added. This extra weight is not necessary for women’s gloves. Therefore, they are provided with lightweight and should be taken care of while buying.

Seibertron S.O.L.A.G Gloves 


All the gloves listed in this article are the best Parkour gloves. Some will have the qualities that others do not.

You can choose according to your preference which suits you well.

Let us discuss the features, cons and pros of 5 of the best Parkour gloves:

1) SEIBERTRON ASSAULT HALF FINGER GLOVES: (Half-fingered Parkour Gloves)



The Seibertron Assault Half Finger Gloves are suitable for many including Parkour. Their size ranges from XS to XXL. These gloves were initially designed for the forces which means the grip needed should have been superior along with its strength and durability. This material bears a comfortable temperature. Soft knuckle protected, that is why snugly fitting the hands. Their high standard makes them best to be used for Parkour.

This high standard of grip makes them ideal gloves for parkour. Along with this half finger glove seibertron also make full finger gloves for parkour which specs are very similar to this model.

The first thing you will notice in these parkour gloves are that they are fingerless and allows the movement of fingers easier and keep your hand comfortable. They are very useful for parkour, if you are not getting too much on slippery surface. These gloves do not offer a lot of protection on the wet surface because it is made of polyester. The best part about this parkour glove is that they are light weight and washable.

Durability and flexibility:

The majority of material used in the making of this glove is skid-proof, which make your whole hand adoptable to every condition. You will see the main bones in the back of the hand there are gel padding which are designed to absorb any shock to prevent you from getting injured. The gel padding gives you complete freedom to moving around. As we all know that parkour is a sport of moving fast climbing and jumping and running this is why they have used elastic material in between the Velcro straps and across the knuckles to make sure you are not restricted in any way. The whole materials used in the making of these best parkour gloves is very durable and you can guess that from reviews also.


The palm of this glove contain a specific grip that is flat instead of raised. It is very important for the durability of the glove because raised grip can tear of easily. In many cases parkour gloves have an additional pad which is stitches on the glove for providing you more the best grip.


The seibertron gloves are extremely comfortable and the polyesters fabric will feels it light on hands. Along with this it eliminates sweating as well as they are extremely breezy and comfortable.


  • According to the palm circumference, choose these for you, do not include thumb.
  • Sizes are: XXS (6.3-6.7”), XS (6.7-7.1”), S (7.1-7.7”), M (7.7-8.3”), L (8.3-8.9”), XL (8.9-9.5”) and XXL (9.5-10”).
  • These gloves are made up of synthetic leather.
  • They are durable.
  • It bear lightweight (4.6 ounces).
  • They are machine-washable.
  • They are superb for training, outdoor activities like cycling, hiking or riding etc.
  • They have extreme gel padding.
  • They have a superb grip.
  • Also, they can swipe wipe the sweat on the thumb.
  • Their sizes can run small.
  • Thumb section can come a little bigger than it need to be.


Parkour Gloves


These gloves are primarily built for weightlifting because of their extraordinary gripping power. These gloves before showing any kind of wear and can withstand a huge amount of abrasion. They are breathable and are very light in weight making them a matter of choice spatially in hotter months of the year. They are great, economical and performance gloves.

This is why this glove have an increadible amount of grip. However, due to its light-weight and breathability make it an ideal gloves for parkour, especially in hotter months of the years.

Their design is strong and comfortable. The flaxibilty of this glove allow you to move around with natural hand movement. The leather palm used in this glove offer great protection from rough surface from getting slipped.

Durability of this glove can be a question because they are fairly thin gloves which are not ideal for durability, but is great for mobility. This best parkour gloves have fully adjustable wrist strap to fit a variety of hand shapes, although it is slightly awkwardly placed.

Few of the user of harbinger have experienced trouble with durability, but vast majority don’t seem to have any problem.


The palm of the glove is covered in double layered leather which provide extreme amount of grip. Its finger section is high to ensure that you remain in control and so your grip during isn’t compromised in any part. It is made up of heavy duty leather which is extremely strong and can with stand a huge amount of abrasion before tearing or showing any signs of wearing.


Underneath the leather material used for grip has a layer of foam that will protect your hand from bone bruises and provides slight padding. This glove was originally designed for weightlifting therefor the designers of this glove have paid special attention to the thumb. This glove have an extra leather cushion that wraps around the inside thumb which gives you extra security and ability to hold onto things longer. Same as weightlifting, parkour training can also damage your thumb very easily so this is why this glove features makes a huge differences.


  • This pair of gloves is men’s protective.
  • They are specifically used for uplifting weight purposes.
  • The flexibility is increased on the back of gloves and in between the fingers through StretchBack performance mesh provided.
  • The leather palm is protective to hands and provides stronger grip on bars.
  • It also contains fully adjustable wrist closure.
  • Product dimension is: 5.8x 5.7x 0.2 inches.
  • The weight of the item is 3.2 ounces.
  • Affordable price.
  • Made up of breathable material.
  • Provided with extra thumb protection.
  • Sometimes, the dye in the gloves can transfer onto your hands.
  • This leather dye bears a strong smell.
  • At the back of the hands there is no protection.

3) BOODUN WORK OUT GLOVES: (Good Parkour Glove)

best parkour gloves


This type of Parkour gloves is highly used in various areas, but they are not as well known as former two. Still, they hold an impressing rating and consequently recommended by its users. So, far, they have received little to none negative reviews. Based on its reputation, it has been thus included in the top 3 Parkour gloves. They can fit variety of men’s and women’s hands. With such reputation and increasing demand, this type could in no time steal the #1 position.


  • They consist of the pad (cortex pad) for palm and underside the fingers for a strong grip. This cortex pad is double stitched along with the inner material on the hand’s palm.
  • On the inside of thumb, there is extra leather to enhance the grip further.
  • They are one of the most durable gloves out there.
  • Gel and foam palm are protection for the hands.
  • These gloves are elastic for breathability.
  • They can also bear a snug fit for a firm hold.
  • Provided with a perfect look.
  • Best for the cycling, riding, and other athletic activities.
  • They are affordable.
  • Have an impressive flexibility.
  • Have an excellent flexibility.
  • They consist of an advanced cortex grip pad.
  • They can be stiff in the start.
  • Pad attached to the palm side is quite thin.


best parkour gloves


At the top of the list of full fingered gloves is Under Armour Batting gloves. These are the gloves of vibrant colors and designs giving a look of sort of superhero gloves. These have versions available for men, women, children and anyone who seeks them with a wide range of colors, designs and sizes. You can get the best of the Under Armour’s signature fit and performance with the Clean-up IV Batting gloves. Texture is synthetic that adds further durability and support. The Goatskin palm combines with this durability fiving a softer feel. It also consists of an internal locker tag for personal identification.


  • Dimension of gloves is: 10.6 x 5.2 x 0.8 inches.
  • Weight is 3.5 ounces.
  • This glove has palm side finger perforation that increases the breathability.
  • It is provided with a four-way stretch for a cool and easy feel.
  • These parkour gloves can easily absorb moisture and it is able to re-dry quickly.
  • It also consists of the Velcro straps wrapping around the wrist ensuring that they are safe.
  • Consist of heatgear which is meant to remove the moisture.
  • They have a variety of colors to choose from.
  • Provide a sense of comfort.
  • Their sizes can run a little small.
  • They are comparatively a bit expensive than are the other types.


best parkour gloves


This type is an oddity type of gloves you have even probably seen. These best parkour gloves are well designed and long lasting. Entire palm is covered with the rubber casing. These gloves are made up of rubber and polyester. They have been known to be one of the most comfortable gloves around. It consists of tread system that displaces water and oil. In the abrasion areas, provided with the seamless reinforcement for durability. It can conform to the natural hand’s shape.


  • These are made up of polyester and rubber.
  • They bear superior durability and comfort in comparison with the rubber dipped gloves.
  • Hand fatigue and blistering can be prevented with its seamless cushioning property.
  • They are machine washable.
  • They are seamless.
  • Have great durability.
  • Provide a strong grip.
  • They do not have wrist straps.
  • They also lack padding on the back of the hands.

We have provided you with one of the best guides regarding Parkour gloves which will let you know of certain best Parkour gloves’ types.

We hope you find this article helpful!!!

6. Seibertron S.O.L.A.G Gloves

best parkour gloves


The seibertron S.O.L.A.G gloves are light weight, durable, flexible, and highly protective. This glove is also known as excellent all-rounder, because this parkour glove can be used for any kind of sport or purpose, which means that this glove mean business. This glove provides perfect balance between protection and flexibility.

Sometimes they are a little tricky to remove, incredibly versatile and well suited to parkour. This is why this glove is in my list of best parkour gloves. When you are buying this gloves make sure to use the sizing chart to ensure the right fit, because some of the buyers have recived gloves that don’t fit well. In some sport we don’t like to wear baggy or too tight or restrictive gloves, same is the case with parkour gloves so take you time to size up before ordering.

This parkour gloves is very flexible and allow your hand and finger to move according to your wish in order to give your hand full control to train as you want. This glove is also very protective they contain foam underneath its leather which will make you feel soft while training in hard condition. The material used in this glove is extremely comfortable that keeps your hands at a good temperature, while the wrist strap ensure the glove stay in control.

This glove have padding on both front and back to protect your hand from all sides and angles. It’s very rear to find durable parkour gloves as these, they’re even machine washable, dry fast, which is a huge bonus.

I want you to use this best parkour glove and leave you comment bellow of how you find this glove.

  • Protective
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable
  • Little tricky to remove.
  • Not very breathable.