Looking out for the best parkour shoes that fit those vigorous, flexible and fast exercises where you need to move your body quickly from places to places may be a difficult task because everyone has a different style when it comes to selecting shoes, the preferences differ. However, if the right specifications of the product are known, things tend to become much easier and that is exactly what we plan on doing. If you are looking for the best parkour shoes to fit your exercises then you have landed in the right place. We will give you information about the best parkour shoes of 2019 along with the specifications so that you can make the right choice and get the best out of the product you desire. Let’s not keep waiting and dig in!

Before you buy that perfect shoe, you need to be sure of some important things which will help you in selecting the right shoe.

Here’s a new and updated list of the top 10 best parkour shoes of 2019 that we have collected after extensive research for you to select and get the best from.

Asics Onitsuka Tiger 
Feiyue Martial Arts
Nike Free Run 
Puma Faas 500 
Puma Men Ignite 
B.E.S.T Unisex 
Take Flight Ultra 
Vibram Men’s Cross Training 

1) Asics Onitsuka Tiger: (Best Parkour Shoes)

parkour shoe


The Onitsuka Tiger serrano began the champion sports shoes since it was inspired by the track spikes of the 1970’s. Their heritage sneaker carries the tradition of the brand’s customs; it features a lightweight upper nylon and a spiky rubber sole which helps in easy tracking. The heel and toecap are the dual-overlay textures, and it also includes a padded tongue and collar for maximum comfort. It is a very high-quality shoe for racing and comfort. The manufacturers were so inspired by the Japanese craftsmanship that they started to make stylish shoes.


  • High-quality shoe with added comforts and easy grips to help you get on the track.
  • The shoes offer a synthetic sole to help you cross extra miles.
  • Specially made in the USA with love.
  • The Shaft measures approximately 3.29″ from arch.
  • The shoe is a retro fashion sneaker that has two-tone midsole and throwback overlays at quarter panel.
  • The dimensions are 14 x 10 x 6 inches.
  • The whole shoe weight is measured to be 9 ounces.
  • These shoes can withstand multiple environments and the very strongly made to hold the maximum pressure.
  • The sole is very strongly made to help you in those extensive exercises.
  • The shoes offer an excellent build quality and stylish designs along with multiple colors that catch the eye.
  • These shoes can be perfect for dancing and aerobics as well. Wear them and show your style. You can also wear them to school like a boss.
  • Suitable for old age people as they are the most comfortable shoes ever.
  • Carry them anywhere with you and enjoy the unlimited experience.

  • Highly durable.
  • Flexibility at its peak.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Best For gym and office use as well.
  • The shoes can withstand harsh environments.
  • Makes life easy.
  • Offers a very strong sole.
  • Very stylish and adaptive.

  • The shoe was torn apart in extremely rare cases.

2) Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes: (Good Parkour Shoes)

Good Parkour Shoes


This serves as a first-class shoe choice for Shaolin monks and masters. The Feiyue Martial Arts shoes have a very simple, durable canvas lace-up top and a stylishly padded and very light sole. The sole is perfect for all styles, providing maximum support for a unique high-quality performance. All this at a very affordable price.


  • This shoe is a number 1 shoe choice for Shaolin monks and masters.
  • Very Simple, durable canvas lace-up top and a comfortable padded yet an extremely light sole
    perfect for all martial arts styles.
  • The sole provides maximum traction for ultimate performance.

  • Light weighted and very easy to wear.
  • Suitable for martial art type of parkour exercises.
  • Best for Shaolin monks.
  • These Best parkour shoes offer a great durability.
  • An out class, top-notch style.
  • Perfect for everyday use.
  • For both genders.

  • Shoes require cleaning after use.

3) Nike Free Run Parkour Shoes: (Best Nike Parkour Shoes)

Best Nike Parkour Shoes


  • The Nike Free Run parkour running shoes offer a breathable mesh, multi-layer upper portion offers a lightweight, skin-like feeling, the off-center laces and a full inner sleeve add extra comfort.
  • Sculpted Phylite soles give you a very lightweight support and cushioning.
  • Deep Nike Free sipes deliver flexibility for a barefoot-like running and exercise experience; you feel everything but the pain. The shoe protects you from additional cramps after exercise because of the outclass build quality.
  • BRS 1000 carbon rubber heel and environmentally preferred rubber give a maximum durability where needed.
  • The Waffle piston outsole gives extra cushioning.

  • Rubber sole helps give you extra comfort.
  • Best for harsh exercises and adventures.
  • Can be accompanied while camping hiking etc.
  • Carry them anywhere.
  • Extremely high grip.
  • Highly resistant and durable.

  • Mostly used by men.

4) Puma Faas 500: (Puma Parkour Shoes)

Puma Parkour Shoes


  • The Faas 500 v2 is more like the classical Faas design that is aesthetic but with the shoe being more technical.
  • Offers 4mm heel-to-toe drop the shoe is an ounce (30 gms) lighter than its previous version hence allows a more of a midfoot strike.
  • The 500 v2 has a smooth ride and fits amazing.
  • The upper part is a combo of breathable mesh and synthetic suede.
  • There’s an OrthoLite® sockliner for extra comfort, fast material regeneration, and an optimized air circulation.
  • The company’s Faas Foam is lightweight, resilient, durable and gives you a very a smooth ride through the whole exercises.
  • The heel gives you a more gradual transition from heel strike to mid stance. The release grooves at the back provide optimum compression.
  • The rubber outsole has a highly resistant to abrasions and allows for more extra cushioning and weight saving.

  • Lightweight sole.
  • Highly resistant.
  • Extra comfort great for adventures.
  • Rubber sole.
  • For all sexes.

  • This item has no such deficiencies.


5) Puma Men Ignite Ultimate Shoes:

Puma Parkour Shoes



  • The company offers these stylish shoes with a heightened midsole heights and an articulated chevron design.
  • The shoes offer an ultimate cushioning and responsiveness.
  • Adding up of the puma’s unique polyurethane foam formula underneath the foot provides ultimate rebound and maximum comfort.
  • The new mesh offered by the company is equipped with three layers for breathability and a fresh, modern look.

  • Offers rubber sole.
  • Gives extra durability.
  • Abrasion-resistant.
  • Best for hiking and skilled exercises.
  • High build quality.
  • Comfortable and unique sole.
  • Best for old aged people as well.

  • Upper sole problems.

6) KNOW OBSTACLE’s Gen 3 Parkour and freerunning shoes:

best parkour shoes



  • These shoes are especially made for running and people who are more engaged in such cardio exercises.
  • Can be on tracks and in gyms. Offer a very smooth and comfortable sole with an easier grip for a unique experience.
  • Perfect for mild exercises and easy on the foot.

  • Rubber sole.
  • Best for gym use.
  • Highly durable.
  • Resistant to abrasion.

  • Sole misplacement can be a problem at times though now fixed.

7) B.E.S.T Unisex Taekwondo Shoes:

parkour shoes


The company offers many different styles & different sizes of Sneaker & Martial Arts shoes and delivers a masterclass experience.


  • The shoes are made for a variety of different situations like martial arts, normal sneakers and running.
  • The foot feels very light and comfortable in these shoes because of their extra comfort ability.
  • The shoes are highly durable and light weighted
  • Can withstand moderate to easy situations.
  • Extra soft which makes it suitable for kids and old aged people.
  • Upper leather and lower back sole offer a very stylish design attractive to the eye of every individual. There is an extra leather lining, and insole made too.

  • Extra soft and comfortable.
  • Light weighted.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Very easy to wear.
  • Can be used for everyday use.
  • Extra Comfortable.
  • Grip is good.
  • Class build quality.

  • More suitable for easy to moderate situations.

8) Take Flight Ultra Parkour Shoes: (Best Parkour Shoes)

Best Parkour Shoes



  • The world’s newest Parkour & Freerunning shoe are finally here! The company has spent 2 years learning from their Take Flight 1.0 to make their next shoe better than before.
  • Our Ultra Parkour & Freerunning shoes is made for all type of exercises.
  • It has an amazing feel, a great sole that is flexible, and durable!
    You will love the feel from the first time you put it on.
  • The company offers a guarantee to return your money back!

  • Great durability.
  • Classic style.
  • Abrasion-free.
  • Highly resistant.
  • Excellent for harsh environments.
  • Carry it anywhere with you.
  • Easy and comfortable.
  • Grip is very good.

  • This item has no cons as such.

9) Vibram Men’s Cross Training Shoes: (Vibram Parkour Shoes)

Vibram Parkour Shoes


The shoes offer a sole durable enough to withstand any shock and are made of a high build quality. Keep you exercising and adventurous experiences at peak with the Vibram Men’s cross training shoes, climb any rock, hike on any mountain and run on the hardest trails possible, these shoes offer it all.

  • These shoes are highly durable to withstand any harsh environments.
  • The grip is too tight which means complex exercises won’t be a problem anymore.
  • The sole is made of rubber and highly comfortable to wear.

  • Limited to men.

10) DOUBLESTAR Unisex Rubber Sole Shoes:

best parkour shoes



  • These shoes offer as best choice for beginners who learn Kung Fu, Tai Chi, martial art and get Parkour training.
  • These are canvas shoes with top grade rubber soles which could ensure your safety when training.
  • Extremely Lightweight, Less than 300g per shoe, the canvas are breathable, the shoes could help feel every step when practicing and give your more of a barefoot-like experience.
  • Offers a very high quality these shoes are most classical mode of Doublestar and manufactured and sold in thousands.
  • The Ultra 6 Series includes six new features from the Doublestar sports shoes.You will love the soft lining and cushioned foam sole.

  • High build quality.
  • Barefoot-like experience.
  • Light on the sole.
  • Companion to adventures.
  • Perfect grip.

  • The item has no cons as such.

Infographic about Qualities of best parkour shoes

Beginners Guide To Best Parkour Shoes


Anyone who has ever worn sneakers knows best how important flexibility is. If there is no flexibility in shoes then, there’s no running. And from this you can guess, that there is no free running without the “running” part.

We have searched for best parkour shoes that flex as natural as possible. The shoes has to be called flexible that bend at least 40 degree on the tip. The important point for buying best parkour shoes is that the only flexibility that parkour shoe need should be on the toebox. A good pair of parkour shoe has to flex without becoming an obstacle to other part of the shoe. You will find some of the low quality shoe is the market having flexible toe-box. But whenever the word flex is used it engages, the whole structure of the shoe which wrinkles and the rest of the shoe become tight.

As we all know that just like grip, flexibility also plays an important role in both jumping and climbing and in parkour you have to move fast while jumping and climbing for this reason you must need flexible parkour shoes. If you want to get the most out of jumping, your shoe must allow you to make good use of your momentum by flexing the toe-box. Jumping is very similar to running gait because all of the power come straight from the flex on the final gait.

Another important reason of why you shoe should be flexible is that if you are jumping and moving around if you shoe is not flexible you will definitely run into some problem while hitting the ground hard. As this can damage or injure your legs. However you have to make sure that the shoe that you are using are flexible enough to prevent you from getting injured.


As we all know that how important it is for everyone to have durable shoes. None of us will like to throw away their hard-earned money in a short time by buying shoe that last for one month. This is why parkour shoe must be selected carefully if you’re a parkour practitioner. When we talk about durability in the world of free running it takes a twist because it is not an average aerobic activity.

Best parkour shoes have to endure jumping, landing, falling, and even some scratches, because it is normal in parkour. But don’t get us wrong no shoes are meant to be damaged. However, some of the shoe made with bad wuality materials are much more likely to tear with slightest contact. This is the case of casual walking shoes. Because of this parkour shoes are put into other category such as trekking and trail running.

The selection of material for making any shoe is very tricky, as it not only depend on their durability. Thick and heavy materials are more resistant. A good parkour shoe or a free running shoe require a right combination of durable and lightweight materials. If the shoe is sacrificing its performance for durability, then it is not considered as best parkour shoes.

As you all know that what kind of sport parkour is this is why we have searched a lot for the best parkour shoes that can pull almost anything. But keep in mind it doesn’t matter how good the shoe is, there is no such guarantee that they’ll live longer. And when it comes to parkour, there’s always a chance at any point that you’ll snap them open at any point. But you don’t have to worry, because it’s not common. We have looked for best parkour shoes that are made of materials which are less likely to rip apart.

Good parkour shoes are tested hard in harsh environments, so we have looked for the best parkour shoes which will last for a more extended period.

Shock absorption:

If you are a careful person and you care for your heels as much as we do, then shock absorption is a major factor to consider while buying best parkour shoes. When you are looking for a good pair of parkour shoe look for those which includes shock or impact absorbing properties. Mostly the featured associated with shock absorption are found around the heel and in the midsole.

Impact absorption not only protect you heels, but it also protect our knees from injuries while landing hard. I have saw some of the information on the internet in which they have discussed about how shock-absorbing shoes are bad for knees. I would like to clarify that impact absorbing shoes was never the original cause of knee issues. Any pain or harm on the knee or foot you are getting is because of the previous injury or damage that your knee have. Cushioning does not harm your body at all.

Running can never be the original cause of your knee, bone or joint pain unless your running ends terribly wrong.  With that being said, shock absorption shoes can stop considerable amount energy from reaching your heel or knee. Performing parkour stunts without using impact absorbing shoes will bring you a list of next-day consequences.

As these consequences go from heel soreness to shin pain and knee discomfort. In some unlucky cases long-term condition can appear. lol remember we are talking about the parkour shoes here. There’s absolutely no way that a shoe can cause any damage to your heel or knee if you land in a bad position.


Comfortability is something that we all need in every part of our life but if we talk about running shoes, parkour shoes or free running shoes then it is the need of these shoes. It is a simple fact that you can’t perform any of the sport if your shoe is not comfortable.

There are various factors that determine how comfortable a shoe is. But the major goes to the materials, fit size, cushioning and insoles. Materials have another sub-factor called breathability which can also affect your comfort level. Materials that allow air to pass/flow through the shoe make a huge difference, because it may not look important factor at first sight. However you will reconsider it when you will feel like your feet are on fire.

Accumulation of heat isn’t only uncomfortable but also bad for feet, because it makes your feet much more susceptible to irritation and sweating. When your feet start excessive sweating and there is no flow of air and your feet are heating up it could ends in tearing your feet skin tissues. On the other hand shoe with an upper mesh structure, keeps your feet fresh all the time.

Protection is just as important as any other factor included in our list for best parkour shoes. Typically, the most protective shoes are those which are made and used for rough activities. This factor makes trail running and trekking shoes good for parkour and free running. In freerunning, you cannot afford to lose you balance, if there was something on the floor and you just stepped on it this is where protection comes in.

When you are practicing parkour you have to maintain your balance and a firm grip all the time. Trail running shoes which are specifically made to endure rocks, dirt are consider ideal for parkour shoes. Tracers just can’t run confidently knowing that they’ll fall as soon as they step on something odd.

The factor that is most responsible for protection is the sole of the sheo, though there are other influencing elements but a firm sole is must. Comfortable shoes are right for anyone’s feet muscles and skin muscles, kids parkour shoes have to be soft so it won’t damage the skin of your childrens.


The sole is one of the most important part in any shoe. I would like to say that sole is the most important part in the buying guide for best parkour shoes. But there are much more factors behind a quality parkour shoes then a sole. Long story short, a cheap sole will ruin greatest parkour upper design.

The sole is responsible for the grip, flexibility, traction, protection, durability, and shock absorption. The sole have a considerable impact on these factors. At the same time there are various factors that are responsible for the quality of a sole like we mentioned previously.

When we talk about the sole the first thing that come to our mind is the thickness of the sole how thick a sole should be. The answer for this is that the thicker the sole will be, the taller you’ll be off the ground, and it determines the heel-to-toe drop. With the trend of the minimalist running shoes, sole thickness has decreased. But this doesn’t means that the less thick sole will be less efficient. In fact, I have also looked for those shoes that delivers great performance with lower thickness and added them to the list of best parkour shoes reviewed by me.

With the developments of new compounds manufacturers have increased efficiency while they have reduced the size, like AHAR. I recommend these compound over rubber.

The second factor in the list of sole is the outsole patterns. Many of our customers are currently unaware of the real purpose of the outsole pattern. The outsole pattern may seem like a fancy thing at first sight but their goal is functional. These patterns are designed to prevent you from slipping on the ground and improve your grip on the ground, plus contact with and against surface.

The sole is made up of outsole and midsole. Whenever you want to buy shoe in life you have to make sure that the sole is suitable of the job you are going to use this shoe for. Just like in parkour which is very extreme and intensive sport, so the sole responsibility is that it should protect your feet from slipping or getting injured.

In the end I would like to recommend to take your time on searching for the best parkour shoes with good sole.


In parkour and free running the weight matters a lot because the weight of the shoe determines the ease the performer can move around with. All sport shoes have adopted a minimalist and lightweight approach, and parkour was no less. To move fast and to make each motion smoother and lighter, best parkour shoes should be lightweight.

Materials responsible for composing the weight of a shoe altogether; doesn’t include any other contributing factors. In the above list of best parkour shoes we have selected shoes that provide lightweight while still meeting other standards. Fortunately for athletes, the advancement in the materials have created shoes that are more efficient and lighter than the traditional ones.

The weight of shoe depends a lot therefore there’s a race between the manufacturers of the shoe to see whose shoes are light weight one or two fewer ounces. Don’t struggle to find or get the lightest shoe in the market, as long as they are light they are fine. Keep in mind that there are other factors that materials needs to meet besides lightweight-ness. Breathability is the standard feature amongst the lightweight materials.

Durability is another factor to consider when selecting materials. Mesh is a light weight material which gives breathability and comfortability to shoes and are easy to perforate as well. Though, a shoe cannot be fully or mostly built on it. Best parkour shoes also need other reliable materials to have support and firm build. Synthetic leathers are perfect for this task.

Usually, the weight of the shoes depends on the sole alone (midsole + outsole). The heavier materials are required to deliver a firm platform. Regardless, advancement in designs have made soles lighter without decreasing the shoe quality.

Bulky and heavier shoe are a major obstacle when you are performing parkour. Go for the lightweight best parkour shoes which will improve your speed of moving around in parkour training and exercise.

Padding’s of the Shoe:

Before selecting a shoe, you need to clearly know what exactly are the padding’s of that shoe, have a clear look for yourself and judge its durability. Is the shoe’s paddle minimal or is it a little more? What do you need for your type of exercise or your feet? A minimal paddle will allow the same exercises however you need a little more paddle for the shoe if you are engaged in tough activities, you may also need more paddle if for extra comfort. On the whole, it depends on you.

Your Running Locations:

Also be sure of the locations you are running on. What type of a shoe do you need for that purpose?
If you are on easier trails then you may not need an advanced level of shoe, but being on harder trails will require you to keep a very rough and tough shoe which has to be prepared for the worst since it is all about the unexpected, you never know what obstacle you face.

Take Better Care of your Parkour’s:

I mean common, if you want that shoe to last long, you have got to work for it too because your shoe’s life and quality depends upon you. Clean it daily after exercise or wash them maybe once in two weeks from the sole. While washing be sure to use a mild detergent or a baby’s shampoo. Check on them once in awhile to know if they are still strong enough to avoid problems Rub a cloth over the surface to keep the leather from tearing out each time after exercise and also to maintain a clean look. To prevent your shoes from a permanent damage, dry them as soon as they get wet. You can do that by placing a newspaper to soak up the moisture and then maybe place them in the sun for some time. Invest in a high-quality polish for your shoes.


Well, that’s about it for the best parkour shoes of 2019 guys, we hope our article met your needs and helped you in making the right choice, by now you must have sufficient knowledge about parkour shoes, sufficient enough to get you to buy the right shoe without any confusions in mind. Let us know if you have any queries in the comments bar below; we’d be glad to help.